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2013 - Present

Artist Retreats

My retreats bring serious artists together to draw support from each other and to find inspiration in a beautiful setting. The guiding idea is that each of us is on a distinct personal path and the only point is to tap into our own creative wellspring. The weeklong O‘ahu Writers Retreat takes place each spring at a sacred spot in Mokulēʻia. The next will be in April 22-28, 2024; Registration begins January 15, 2024. This Registration Form can be used to enroll and order a ticket.

There is also a two-day “booster” on O‘ahu each November, on the weekend after Thanksgiving. Registration opens September 1. Limit is 12 writers.


Come back for announcements of other retreats, including one soon in Inverness, California. 

Winter 2024

Master Class

I hold a master class in my living room on the second Saturday of each month. A workshop with a few twists. It combines elements of classes I’ve taught in the past (“Manuscript Clinic,” “Finding Your Voice,” “Sin and Syntax”) and is intended for experienced writers who want high-level feedback. All genres welcome. I ask from you, in addition to $40 per session, only a commitment to your own writing and a promise to show up for others. In person, 2 to 4 pm. Starts up in January. Refreshments included. Email me.

2003 - Present

Journalism conferences

On and off since 2003, I’ve directed conferences for midcareer journalists, including the Nieman Conference on Narrative Journalism at Harvard and the Latest in Longform at UC Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism. I am in the planning stages for a new (or rather renewed) conference in creative nonfiction, to be held in Berkeley.

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